Designing an energy efficient house

Students will use the particle model to examine the transfer of thermal energy through convection, conduction and radiation. This will then be used to test the thermal properties of materials using in housing construction. Students will use their knowledge to design a house that uses ‘passive design’ strategies including house orientation, shading, insulation, thermal mass, glazing and skylights.

Students will travel by bus to Casey Tech, Kangan Dr, Berwick departing Gleneagles approximately 8:30am and returning by 2:55pm.

There is no cost involved for this excursion

Consent can be provided online through your school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission form and returning the tear-off below to the red box located at the Bursars inside window.

Please note: the school must obtain written or electronic consent from parents or carers.

Parents are reminded that DET does not provide students accident cover or ambulance cover.   Parents are advised they should make their own arrangements for these matters.

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