End of year activities

Tuesday December 14 – Thursday December 16 in Week 11 is End of Year Activities for the 2021 Years 7 – 9 cohorts (Years 8 – 10 in 2022). This program provides students with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of  learning experiences different to those provided in the regular day to day timetable.  Students will participate in two days of ‘choose your own adventure’ sport and creative activities within the school and a Fun Day at Lysterfield Lake. Students will find a Preference form and timetable on Compass newsfeed.


Please note:

Students should wear sports uniform for the whole End of Year Activities program.

Students who are allocated to a Xmas Cooking session must bring their regular school shoes to change into to be able to cook.

Students will need to bring their own lunch on their Fun Day at Lysterfield Lake.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school on Tel 9708 1319.

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