Geography & Tourism Fieldwork

An event, Geography & Tourism Fieldwork , has been planned for Wednesday, 11 October 2017. This semester in Unit 2 Geography we have been studying Tourism in Australia and around the world. Fieldwork is an essential part of studying Geography as it enables students to collect primary data and apply key geographic skills in the real world. Students will be travelling to different locations in Melbourne’s CBD to investigate various aspects of tourism including, built facilities, events, infrastructure, development, change over time and the impacts of tourism. Students will be collecting evidence such as: conducting surveys with the general public, observations, collecting measurements, field sketches and photographic data which will then be used to complete their final SAC: Melbourne Tourism Fieldwork Report.   Students are permitted to wear free dress, appropriate for the weather. (jacket/umbrella if wet).

Students should meet Ms Neil at Federation Square at 9.00am and will be dismissed from the City at 3.00pm. Students requiring travel supervision should advise Ms Neil.

Consent can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by returning the tear-off slip to Student services desk (Debbie) by 6th October.

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