The Swimming Carnival will take place on 18th February at Doveton Pool in the Park.   Students will be transported  by bus to and from the venue.   Gleneagles Carnivals are sports events that are designed to encourage participation and a sense of house spirit and belonging.

Students are encouraged to participate in each event as an athlete and, or spectator / supporter.   This is a whole school event and all students are expected to attend.

To maximise athletic participation and house spirit, students are required to dress accordingly.

Students have the following clothing options for each carnival event:

  • Full sports uniform (can be worn to and from school and whilst participating at the event)
  • Full school uniform (can be worn to and from school and students may change into athletic clothing at the event)
  • Full house colours (can be worn to and from school only if the house colour clothing is appropriate for a professional environment and does not include any of the prohibited items listed below)

Prohibited items:

  • Denim clothing (not house colour for 3 out of 4 houses and not athletic clothing
  • Leggings (not to be worn to and from school as they are not considered appropriate for a professional environment – students may change into leggings to participate whilst at the event)
  • Revealing clothing … defined as items that are too short (top or bottom) or too tight! (not to be worn as these items are not appropriate for a professional environment)
      • Leggings … too tight – change at event for participation
      • Running shorts … too short – change at event participation
      • Bathers … too revealing – change at event for participation
      • Some costumes:
        • Morph suits … too tight – wear something over the top so it is not too revealing
        • some costumes … too short, too tight or not obviously representing a house – be creative and wear something else

Permission also includes permission for students that qualify for division swimming to attend Thursday 7th March.

Hat (no baseball caps permitted)  & Sunscreen is required.  Students should bring lunch, drink & snacks or money to purchase,  canteen facilities will be operating at the venue.

There is no charge for this event.  Parents/guardians will be able to give permission via the Compass parent portal  ( after the 15th January.

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