Melbourne zoo 8A B F G L

All students in Year 8 will be visiting the Melbourne Zoo and participating in an ‘inquiry’ program where they will visit, investigate and gather information about a key species and their habitat. Participation on the day will enable students to have a greater understanding of conservation, ecological issues and the impact of humans on wildlife and/or habitats. On the day, students will be completing a fieldwork task and upon their return to school, will be using this information to complete a Common Assessment Task in Humanities.  8A B F G J will attend Friday 25th May

Cost per students is $28.00 and is due by 15th May.

Students should bring, lunch, snacks and drink or money to purchase.


Consent/Payment can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission form and returning the tear-off slip, with payment to the Bursar.

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