MUMA Exhibition

The Yr 12 Studio Arts & Visual Communication Design Students have been given the prestigious opportunity to have their artwork and folios displayed at MUMA (Monash University Museum of Art). As such the students are required as an integral and crucial part of the exhibiting process to attend the exhibition bump-in session which is being held on the day of the exhibition.

Students will travel together with their artworks/folios via bus to MUMA leaving at recess and it is expected that the student’s stay at the venue for the duration of the exhibition and return home via their own means at its conclusion at approximately 7:30pm.

Students will need their Artwork/folios.

Consent/Payment can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission form on Compass and returning the tear-off slip, with payment to the Bursar,

If you wish to use CSEF funds, draw funds from a payment plan or pay in cash, you will need to contact the finance office. The finance office is open from 8am. to 4pm., Monday to Friday for parent payments and before school, recess and first ten minutes of lunch for students.

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