Professor Bunsen – Year 9

Dear Parent/Guardian

An event, 9A PROFESSOR BUNSEN, has been planned for Tuesday, 23 July 2019. Humans have fallen in love with electrical energy because of what it does for us. In this fun & interactive session, we will start our discussions on static electricity with some amazing demonstrations using electrons to move, levitate & glue items. Then we will shift our attention to how changing magnetic fields push electrons along and create electrical currents (Faraday’s principle). We will discover that energy can be stored in batteries, food, muscles, springs, fuel, elastics, capacitors and we see examples of all. Discover how energy is converted from potential energy to kinetic energy in toys, steam engines and experience chemical energy ‘exploding’. Our next step is an investigation of conductors, insulators, electromagnets, simple batteries, electric motors and generators. A simple power station will generate electricity on the table. This session is big on energy conversions.

Date/Time: Tuesday, 23 July 2019, this event takes place in the Shed during normal class time.

Dress Code: Full school uniform      Cost per students: $7.00, consent and payment required by 17th July

Consent/Payment can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission form and returning the tear off slip, with payment to the Bursar.

If you wish to use CSEF funds, draw funds from a payment plan or pay in cash, you’ll need to contact the finance office.

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