Supreme & County Courts (LS034B)

 As part of their course work in Year 12 VCE Legal students are studying the operation, jurisdiction and processes of the Victorian Criminal and Civil Courts. In order to make valuable connections between theory discussed within the classroom and real life students are to attend the Supreme and County Courts. They will have the opportunity to see the courts in action and the invaluable experience of conversing with a County Court Judge.

Students may travel independently to meet Ms Lilikakis at Flagstaff station at 8:30am and will be dismissed from the courts at approximately 2:30pm. Students requiring travel supervision should advise Ms Lilikakis.  Students should be in full school uniform, cost per student $10 and is due by 27th August.

Students should bring lunch & snacks or money to purchase.   Students from class LS034B will attend 12th September 2018

Consent/Payment can be provided online through your school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission form on Compass and returning the tear-off slip, with payment to the Bursar,

If you wish to use CSEF funds, draw funds from a payment plan or pay in cash, you will need to contact the finance office. The finance office is open from 8am. to 4pm., Monday to Friday.


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