VCE Biology Unit 2 BI022B

An event, VCE Unit 2 Biology (BI022A), has been planned for Thursday, 14 March 2019 at Casey Tech.  Students will model the genetics of sickle cell anaemia, and use microscopy to examine the impact of this homozygous recessive trait on the individual. Students will use DNA tools and techniques to perform a genetic test for the disease, so that they can investigate the genotype of family members and use the result to construct a pedigree. Environmental factors that affect the frequency of the disease in the population will also be discussed.

Students will be transported by bus, departing Gleneagles at lunchtime and returning at approximately 5:00pm. Please note the late return time.

Permission/consent to attend is due by 7th March.  Consent can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permissions form and returning the tear-off slip to The red box located at the Bursars inside window.

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