Year 11 Study Camp

VCE is going to be a significant and challenging 2 years for your child. We believe that the Gleneagles VCE Program is going to be rewarding, supportive and designed to get the best outcomes possible for all VCE students.

To ensure your child has the best chance of starting 2020 well and equipped with all the skills needed to succeed in VCE; we will be holding a Year 11 Study Camp at CYC Church Street, Cowes, Phillip Island from Monday 3rd February to Wednesday 56th February 2020

Students in Year 11 are beginning a new phase in their education which demands a serious commitment to their studies. The aims of the Year 11 Camp include:

      Focussing attention on their VCE Year VCE requirements
      Assessment task planning Timetables
      Stress management Key dates
      Time management Study skill techniques

It is felt that these aims can be best achieved away from school and the classroom. Students benefit greatly from a good working relationship with each other and with staff. A number of Year 11 teachers will be present on Camp to assist with discussion groups, tutorials and coaching in their subject fields.

It is expected that all Year 11 students will attend all three days of this camp.



The consent form, medical form and dietary form are attached.Year 11 Study Camp 2020


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