Year 8 Gymnastics

An event, Yr 8 Gymnasitcs, has been planned for Friday, 13 September 2019. As part of our Gymnastics Unit we are offering an excursion for students to participate in a fundamentals gymnastics class covering the basic skills over 4 circuits/stations. Activities involve Spring/Landing, Balance/Locomotion, Rotation and Upside down and Swinging. These circuits will be run by qualified gymnastics instructors within an official gymnastics gymnasium at the Endeavour Hills leisure center. This links in with the HPE Victorian curriculum to compose and perform movement sequences for specific purposes in a variety of contexts (composing and performing a group dance sequence in response to a piece of music or other stimuli and demonstrating control when transitioning between twists, rotations and leaps.

This event takes place during normal Health and Physical Education class time.  Parents are reminded that DET does not provide students accident cover or ambulance cover. Parents are advised they should make their own arrangements for these matters.

Cost per student $8.00 and is due by the 10th September.

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