Annual Reports

Please find below the last three College Annual Reports.

The Annual Report has a section of text to provide context to the information displayed graphically.

The same Annual Report template is used by all Government schools in Victoria.  We cannot amend it to suit our local situation and this can lead to some potentially misleading impressions if the contextual text is not read.

For instance, GSC is part of an Alliance with Hallam Senior Secondary College and Fountain Gate Secondary College so we can ensure we can offer the widest range of senior pathways possible. In this arrangement, GSC does not offer VCAL at year 11 or 12 and we only offer VCE.  Thus GSC students wishing to study VCAL transfer to Hallam.   GSC does not “lose”students going from year 10 to 11, some just choose a more appropriate pathway. Indeed year 9 students also transfer often to Hallam to enrol in more hands on programs in Trade Training or the Sports Academy.  This is a good outcome for these students, yet the retention data would suggest it’s not.

After reading these documents, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the College on 9708 1319 or email us at

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