VCE Exams & Examiners Reports

Exam Assessment Reports
Exam Assessment Reports provide advice to teachers and students in relation to examinations. Some Exam Assessment Reports for written exams contain some answers.

Past Exams
Past exams are made available after any copyright issues are finalised and should be read in conjunction with the relevant Exam Assessment Report. Any advice relayed to students via exam messages during the examinations has been taken into account in the online publication of the exam papers. Please note that due to editing requirements, exam papers may be available some months prior to the corresponding Exam Assessment Report.

Sample Exams
Sample exams and/or other forms of examination advice are published for reaccredited or revised VCE studies

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Natasha’s Story – Student Voice

The Student Voice Committee allows groups of students to work towards positive changes while representing the entire student body. Being involved in this program was an exciting way for me to begin my year and has presented me with a variety of learning experiences. The Student Voice selection process enables applicants to gain confidence whilst completing an interview. My participation has benefited my group work and public speaking. I now have the chance to gather feedback from other students and bring forth their opinions to the Student Voice Committee. As a member, I also had the opportunity to become a junior school captain. After putting the speech writing skills I learned in the committee to the test, I was fortunate enough to be elected. I’m proud to be a leader of the junior school and especially pleased to be gaining valuable life skills. Being a leader has made my time at Gleneagles challenging, interesting and rewarding.

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