Code of Conduct & Uniform Policy

The Student Code of Conduct & Uniform Policy has the following sections:

  1. Rights & Responsibilities
  2. Specific Prohibitions
  3. Breaches of the Code of Conduct (Sanctions)
  4. Uniform Rules

 Student Code of Conduct & Uniform Policy

It is the responsibility of all students to read and understand the elements of this policy.    This policy will also be published in the Student Planner.  Ignorance of the policy is not a valid excuse for non compliance. If any clarification is required, at any time, the student should speak to a member of the Principal class.

Ebony’s Story – Wood Work

Last year, I studied all three of the technology subjects offered at the Year 9 level – wood, metal and glass and found I enjoyed Wood Work the most. I love using my hands to create things that I can use at home and things I am able to be proud of, such as the drawers and shelving unit I made during the class. Choosing to participate in Wood Work has helped me gain skills with power tools, screwdrivers and saws – things I might not have used otherwise. Also, in a class with half males and half females, it’s nice to see the perception of technology subjects changing where it’s now acceptable for women to be doing the male-perceived classes. I enjoyed Wood Work so much that I hope to continue doing technology subjects in the future.

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