Child Safety

Gleneagles Secondary College is and has always been committed to child safety.  This requires the College to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate risk management strategies to ensure child safety in school environments.

School staff, parents, carers and students are encouraged to speak to the principal to raise any concerns about risks or hazards at our school, or our duty of care obligations.

Staff at our school understand that school activities involve different levels of risk and that particular care may need to be taken to support younger students or students with additional needs.

The College has the following policies which we implement.

Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safe Reporting Obligations including Mandatory Reporting

The College has worked diligently to ensure we meet the standards of the:

          Education and Training Reform Act 2006

          Child Safe Standards – Managing The Risk Of Child Abuse In Schools

          Ministerial Order No. 870

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