Year 7-10 Late Work Policy

At Gleneagles Secondary College, we expect students to complete work to the best of their ability and to submit all major assessment tasks on time. The submission of work for assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. At Gleneagles, we have developed a process that is equitable for all students and applied consistently across all sub schools and learning areas.

Guiding Principles
Gleneagles Secondary College aims:

  • To establish protocols and procedures that defines the process for students to submit work
  • To ensure transparency of process and equity of treatment among students.
  • To enable timely and coherent management of teaching and learning including feedback and administration of units.
  • To ensure that students understand the importance of completing and submitting work and the college empowers parents to support their child.
  • To provide a structured framework for students who need assistance in establishing a homework routine and/or who have difficulty in effectively managing time to meet deadlines.

The following guidelines will be adhered to in relation to this policy:

  • The submission of all assessment material by the due date is the responsibility of the student. Students must plan their workloads to meet deadlines.
  • Submission items and dates will be clearly communicated to students, parents/guardians via Learning Tasks.
  • Assessment tasks should normally be submitted to the teacher directly. Online submission is allowed where the teacher has given this method as an option or requirement.
  • Any student who is late for submitting an assessment task will have a ‘Years 7-10 Late Work’ (Stage 1) entry completed on COMPASS (this will provide the parent and student with details of the revised deadline and appropriate redemption methods)
  • In the event of this assessment task not being submitted by the revised date the student will have a ‘Years 7-10 Late Work’ (Stage 2) entry completed on their COMPASS account.
  • If the student fails to respond to interventions put in place and the task is not submitted after Stage 2 the sub school will enact the appropriate action to address this issue.
  • Gleneagles Secondary recognises that, on occasion, meeting submission deadlines is difficult due to extended absence, illness and medical conditions. In these cases, the student and their mitigating circumstances will be considered by the relevant subs school and the appropriate action and support plans will be devised to support the student and teacher(s).

Jamie’s Story – Year 7 Transitions Camp

The 2011 Year 7 Transitions Camp to Golden Valley Lodge in Flinders, Victoria is, and will continue to be, one of my favourite memories of Gleneagles. I went to the camp barely knowing anyone but by the time we got home I knew a lot of people, many of whom had become my friends. All the activities were fun to do and be a part of. I conquered my fear of heights and free-falling on the giant swing and the Flying Fox, a zip line which runs down the side of a mountain. I had so much fun at the camp I asked the teachers if I could stay longer because I didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately, it was time to go. I now have a group of friends who I love and trust and know they will be my life-long friends. The beginning of my Gleneagles journey started with a good memory.

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