1:1 Parent Information Night

A parent information evening is held each year for incoming Year 7 students. This evening, in conjunction with the materials available on this site, outlines the philosophy for the program, the research base that underpins it and highlights some of the many successes our students and teachers are achieving.  The vendors, EduNet will also be present with examples of the three device options for you to see.

In preparation for our 2018 year 7 students, an information night will be held on September 6th

A video produced by the students will be shown to showcase the ways in which the laptops are utilised in the classroom. Following the session, you will be able to access it here.

The Powerpoint from the evening will be made available here after the meeting.

The 1-1 Laptop Program Booklet is available: HERE

Aydon and Darnell’s Story – Robotics

We have studied Robotics for a semester and have really been enjoying it. In doing this subject we have learned how to create and program robots to accomplish set challenges. We’ve managed to complete an obstacle course for our robot to complete without any instructions. In addition, we’ve done a PowerPoint project outlining the concept of what a robot is and how it’s affected society.

We are glad to have participated in this elective subject as it will help us in our future if we are later interested in an occupation that requires robotic and computer technological skills. This subject is useful to us as it has given us an outlook on how important robots and technology are now and how they will benefit us in the future.

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