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Compass V1 2016

          To log on to Compass click here:

          Download a helpful User Guide for Compass software:

                                                                              Guide to using Compass

Parents will be issued with a unique user name and password.  The first time you log on, you will be asked to change your password.

If you have trouble logging on to the site click on the “Can’t access your account?” and you will prompted to reset your password.

It is important that these details are kept private, including from your children.

Teachers will regularly report on your child’s learning disposition and academic progress throughtout the term.  You will no longer have to wait to get an end of term report!  As your child completes key assessment tasks, teachers will provide feedback to the student and parent via Compass.  A year 7 student is likely to receive up to eighteen reports in a term.  The student and parent will be able to address any issues as they arise.

Through a personal secure online Compass account, parents/guardians receive important communication and are kept informed about their son/daughter’s learning, including viewing their child’s timetable, accessing information about upcoming events and view school attendance information.  You can also complete permission forms for excursions and pay electronically.

The College Newsletter is located on the Compass Parent Portal News Feed for parents/guardians and will be published fortnightly, on a Friday.

A Principal’s Bulletin  will be published on Compass, each fortnight on a Friday, on the week between newsletters.

We encourage parents to log in at least three times per week.



Jamie’s Story – Year 7 Transitions Camp

The 2011 Year 7 Transitions Camp to Golden Valley Lodge in Flinders, Victoria is, and will continue to be, one of my favourite memories of Gleneagles. I went to the camp barely knowing anyone but by the time we got home I knew a lot of people, many of whom had become my friends. All the activities were fun to do and be a part of. I conquered my fear of heights and free-falling on the giant swing and the Flying Fox, a zip line which runs down the side of a mountain. I had so much fun at the camp I asked the teachers if I could stay longer because I didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately, it was time to go. I now have a group of friends who I love and trust and know they will be my life-long friends. The beginning of my Gleneagles journey started with a good memory.

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