Issues with Social Media?

Facebook and other social media are a modern development that significantly enhance communication yet provides some challenges.  Unfortunately, not all users behave reasonably & responsibly or with appropriate awareness of cyber dangers.  At Gleneagles, we run seminars for students and share resources with staff and parents on cyber safety and cyber bullying.

What to do if you have concerns?

The eSafety Commissioner is responsible for promoting online safety for all Australians.  You will find helpful resources on the e safety commissions web site via this link

The eSafety Commissioner provides information on

Using  social media platforms to make a member of the Gleneagles school community feel harassed or bullied is against the Acceptable Use Agreement that all students sign. Our acceptance use agreement is available from our 1:1 program information page : click here

Section 474.17 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 also makes it an offence to use telecommunication services to menace, harass or cause offence (punishable by 3 years). It does not matter whether the menace or threat is caused by the type of use (such as multiple postings on a website) or by the content of the communication or both, provided reasonable persons would regard the use as being menacing, harassing or offensive in all the circumstances.

Such unwelcome behaviour may also fall under the Stalking and Harassment laws if they continually pinpoint certain students. It may also be seen as Criminal Defamation or even Intentional Infliction of Mental Harm. Even if students “friend” or “like” these accounts, this alone could be enough to be seen as being complicit in the harassment of other students.

If any students come across offensive material , here’s what they should do:

1. Make a record  by taking a screenshot. This can be done by pressing the Printscreen button on a PC, or command-shift-3 on a Mac.

2. Report the matter to the platform via the social media centres on the eSafety Commission website. Platforms often have an onscreen way to report offensive material e.g. for Facebook click the block / report link on the bottom left hand side of the account page.

3.  Bring your evidence to a team leader or an Assistant Principal who will provide advice and follow up as appropriate with other students.


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