Gleneagles College Uniform

Wearing the prescribed College uniform is compulsory at Gleneagles Secondary College.  Students must wear their uniforms in accordance with the uniform policy.

We make no apology for having high expectations and enforcing the rules as set out by the College Council.

Students are expected to:

  • be clean, neat and tidy at all times
  • wear the uniform as described in the Uniform Policy
  • maintain their uniform in good repair and replace it as needed
  • wear the uniform in an appropriate manner (e.g. tie worn tied at the collar)
  • wear their full school uniform when travelling to and from school
  • remain in complete school uniform during recess and lunchtimes unless they are taking part in sporting activities
  • wear the compulsory Physical Education uniform for all PE and sport classes and when representing the College at sport.
  • remove the school cap when indoors.

For detailed information about the College uniform expectations see our policies page which can be accessed via this policy link.

The College Council chooses the preferred uniform supplier using a competitive tender process that follows the DET protocols and procedures.

PSW Quality Apparel

To access details regarding the college uniform and price list click here for more details

To purchase the uniform, contact our uniform supplier, PSW Quality Apparel   click here


clk2sell App

Buying and selling out grown school uniforms.   There is a new way for families to buy and sell school uniforms that have been out grown by students.  For further details, click here


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