The Gleneagles library plays a major role in supporting the curriculum. It is committed to ensuring student resource and information needs are efficiently catered for, and that the College reading programs are fully supported.

Teacher-Librarians work with students to ensure that they are able to access and critically evaluate all types of information. Getting information can be easy. Teaching students how to get the right information and use it effectively is our aim.

The Library provides a weekly reading program to all Year 7 students in conjunction with their English class. Our aim is to expose students to a wide variety of reading material and to encourage and facilitate independent reading.


In addition to class time, the library is open before and after school and at lunchtime.

Resources and Facilities

The library provides a purpose built computer room as well as access to computers within the Library. The internet is available for research providing access to relevant and unique resources.

As well as a comprehensive collection of books, we provide magazines, daily newspapers, audio visual equipment, including digital and video cameras for class use, a photocopier and networked printer, colour and black & white. Two interactive whiteboards are available within the Library for use with classes.

We also provide netbook computers on a term loan to VCE students. The VCE centre is located at the rear of the library.

Struggling to get your Year 7 student to read the English text? Hint for parents:

The library has audio copies of Mahtab’s story.  Your child can listen to the story while they are reading the book. Listen to the book from the library catalogue. For more information your child can come to the library to find out how to access this resource (save it as MP3) or you can phone the library (9708 1319).


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