Premier’s Reading Challenge




To meet the Premier’s Reading Challenge, students will need to do the following:

1. Read 15 books before 6th September 2013

  • 10 books must come from the Reading Challenge list.
  • 5 books can be your own choice.

2. Keep a record of the books you read on the record list below and get your parents to sign.

3. When this list is full, give it to  Ms Moller or the library staff.

4. Keep your online record up-to-date

5. Sign the consent form

6. Enjoy reading! (You can read more than 15 books.)

*For more information, please visit the following website:


Double click on the below documents to download: –





Katrina’s Story – Science ‘Dissecting Eye’

In science class we are studying Light and Sound. To help enhance our understanding of this subject, we do lessons of theory and practicals. One of the practicals I have completed is the dissection of a cow’s eye to learn about all the parts of the eye and where they are located. For this, I worked in a group of three and we all had to work together to perform the dissection correctly and in order. While it was strange to touch and dissect the eye, I’m glad I took park in this practical. Participating in the eye dissection has benefited my life in science because it has helped me to better understand how the eye works, will help me in my future studies and was a really interesting experience.

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