Reading & Writing Competitions

So What’s Your Book Pitch?

Got a favourite book? Think everyone should read it? Here’s your chance to convince them – and win! You might not only have them reading it but you could also share in $40,000 worth of prizes. Share your favourite book in a creative way and win prizes. Here’s some ideas: Produce a film trailer, draw a picture, write a song, print a T-shirt – whatever works for you. Closes end of May. Read This 2012


Greatest Reading Superhero

A Reading Super Hero knows the awesome power of reading and loves to read for at least 10 minutes every day. The Reading Super Hero could be your mum, your dad, your teacher, your grandma or it could even be you… In 25 words or less describe your Reading Super Hero and you could win an amazing Super Hero prize! The most creative and fun answers will win. Reading Superhero

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