Throughout each year the college Principal awards one hundred GoldEAGLES. This is a lapel pin awarded to the staff, students and community members who most exemplify what it means to be a member of the Gleneagles community.

These individuals meet three specific criteria:
  • Exemplify he college RISE values (Respect, Inclusiveness, Stamina and Excellence.
  • Immerse themselves in all aspects of the college program (E.g. extra curricular, leadership, academics).
  • Strive to support other members of the college community.

Term Two recipients:

Michelle Zuleta Yr12
Kayla Hancock Yr11
Lucas Bracamante Yr9
Hope Araujo Machado Yr9
Tim Ogunjobi Yr12
Nathan Freeman Yr8
Channye Lim Yr10
Rob Young
Roswitha Dinter
Darren Sainsbury
Leslie Czmok
Zorana Horvatinovic
Sue Schueler
Ta-j Haisala
Bridget Parsons