Bird's Eye View Podcast - NEW EPISODE

On this podcast episode, join us as we sit down for 'An Interview with the Principal.' We delve into Mr Ambrose's personal & professional journey & the challenges & wins the school has faced since he joined us in 2022. Click here to listen to the podcast.

On this episode, join Gleneagles students Jamie Mcleod and Deshan Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, for a captivating and insightful interview with our very own school Principal, Mr. Chad Ambrose. In this candid conversation, we delve into Mr. Ambrose's personal and professional journey, and the challenges and wins the school has faced since his transition into Gleneagles Secondary College in 2022.

The episode explores a range of issues including: student safety in the bathrooms, the new senior centre, behavioural issues and bullying, the school's reputation within the community,  and Mr. Ambrose's feelings on diversity within the school.
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