This Is It - Laptop Donations

In 2020, the This is ‘IT’ initiative was born, in an attempt to equalise access to education across the South East region of Melbourne.

The initiative aimed to offer scholarships to local students, in the form of laptops.

In this day and age, laptops are a required learning tool for all students, not having access to one severely impacts a student’s learning and the subsequent opportunities they will have to access further education, training and employment.

Students from your child’s school have been identified among more than 1,000 students across the region, as recipients of a laptop, as a scholarship in 2023. These scholarships are reflective of the dedication to education these students are demonstrating, and the belief their school has in their ability to succeed at school.

The latest trench of 26 laptops provided to students from Gleneagles Secondary College were donated by the City of Casey, bringing the total number of laptops received by students attending Gleneagles Secondary College, through the This is IT initiative to 93.

This is ‘IT’ was been established by local business people wanting to have a positive impact on the education of young people. Founders of this initiative are:

  • Todd Hartley - Hilton Manufacturing
  • Simon Whiteley - Corex Plastics Australia
  • Tyrone Landsman - Future Recycling
  • Sandra George - South East Business Networks (City of Greater Dandenong)
  • Andrew Simmons - South East LLEN

If you would like to know more about this initiative, or have laptops sitting on shelves in your office, that you would like to donate to a worthy cause, please contact Andrew Simmons, CEO at South East LLEN and co-founder at This Is IT, via email.