Approach to Teaching


At Gleneagles Secondary College, we believe that meaningful learning involves the critical analysis of new ideas, linking them to prior knwledge, which in turn leads to understanding. In turn, new learning and undertanding can be used for problem solving in unfamiliar contexts.  


Meaningful learning promotes understanding and application for life. It involves developing a range of strong skills that can be applied at appropriate times at the point of need of the learner. Meaningful learning develops the characteristics and skills of strong learners.  


At Gleneagles, we base our learning and teaching program on the following assumptions:  

  • Every person is a learner  
  • Learning is an ongoing and lifelong process
  • Literacy and Numeracy skills underpin learning  
  • People learn within social and cultural contexts, independently and through interaction with others 
  • What is learned depends on the way it is learned and with whom it is learned  
  • The vital aspects of teaching and learning include identifying and extending the ways they learn, creating learning opportunities and evaluating learning outcomes  


Instructional Model 

Our instructional model is based on the work of Hattie and Donoghue, 2016. We believe the ultimate goal of learning and teaching is to acquire adaptive expertise. Adaptive expertise is the ability to apply meaningfully learned knowledge and skills flexibly and creatively in different situations.