Outstanding VCE Results 2023

Congratulations to our class of 2023! We are extremely proud of our Year 12 students who have finished the year with amazing results.

Gleneagles Dux for 2023 is Darrius Ooi. Darrius achieved an outstanding  ATAR of 98.40. 39 studnets achieved a study score above 40, which is a GSC record.

Gleneagles Secondary College has performed extremely well in VCE this year, with record results across the board including:

Media Study Score 29*

Mean study score English & EAL 29.5*

40+ scores 4.3%

39 individual scores above 40*

27% of ATAR scores above 80*

* Denotes a best ever college achievement
Thank you to our dedicated team of teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to support our students to succeed.