Dont miss the Careers and Pathways Expo

Thursday 21/07 at 5-7pm 

This is an event for all parents and students in Year 9 and 10


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The Gleneagles Careers Program enables students from any year level to access information and advice about Career Development, applying for Tertiary studies (University and TAFE), Apprenticeships and Traineeships and Employment opportunities.


The Careers Centre has a comprehensive careers library including a wide range of information about professional and trade careers, University and TAFE course guides and booklets, interstate and overseas Universities.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 attend Career expos and Universities to assist with their pathway plan.


A personalised approach to Career Counselling is offered to all students. Students are encouraged to book face-to-face sessions with the Career Centre staff, Joyce Wong (Careers Coordinator) and Catherine O’Byrne (Careers Assistant). Students can also receive assistance with resume writing, job seeking and interview skills and training.


Year 7 – I Discover
Year 7 students use a range of activities to discover their strengths and interests to develop a positive self-image that provides the foundation for optimistic pathway planning. They develop an awareness of the importance of social and interpersonal skills in their future life and work roles.

Students investigate the contribution of work to the community and family, recognising the role of paid and unpaid work. They focus on understanding issues relating to stereotyping and discrimination through the study of occupational and labour market information.


Students build their career action plan on the self-knowledge they have acquired through the activities they have undertaken.


Year 8 – I Explore

Students in year 8 explore the influence that a positive self-image and good learning habits have on occupational choice. They research a wide range of occupational profiles to examine the nature of the work, the personal attributes and skills necessary to perform the tasks, and the required entry-level education and training.

Students use their occupational knowledge to investigate a range of occupations that contribute to their community and develop an awareness of the opportunities available in their local area. Students apply their occupational knowledge to explore possible career options that may suit their educational and personal goals.

They revisit their annual career action plan and review their career and learning goals in line with their academic achievements. They adjust their plans to be more reflective of their in-school and out of school experiences, activities and interest to learn more about their potential.


Year 9 – I Focus
Year 9 students focus on the contribution that personal attributes and effective communication skills make to their future life and work roles.

Students participate in activities that highlight the skills needed to gain and maintain employment such as mock interviews and online applications.

Students examine the changes that have taken place in the workplace over a period of time and apply their knowledge to consider the nature of change on their planning for their preferred future.

In their career action plan students apply their knowledge of their personal attributes and reflect on possible future pathways taking into consideration education and training requirements and the impact of change.

Students will participate is Morrisby online assessments and 1:1 interview to unpack their results.


Year 10 – I Plan
Year 10 students focus on planning their pathway to achieve broad career goals that offer a range of options. Students use their increased self-knowledge and deeper understanding of education and training requirements to inform these decisions.

Students investigate national and global economic, social, technological and environment changes on the type and availability of work and examine the trends that may impact on their chosen career pathway. They focus on the need to be flexible and the importance of networks to create and make opportunities.

In their career action plan students identify their preferred future pathway and explore a range of scenarios that will provide optional pathways.

Students will participate in Work Experience to gain exposure to the workforce, Research has proven that Work experience is one of the most effective ways to gain insight into specific professions and the nature of work in our culture, which can help young people make decisions about their own future plans. Research also tells us that people who have already worked are more likely to gain further employment.


Year 11 – I Decide
The focus for year 11 students is confirming and managing their career action plan. They need to ensure that it reflects their current personal profile, including skills, abilities, attitudes and academic performance. Year 11 students need to explore and consolidate their knowledge of the labour market and the further education and training requirements they need for their future career planning.

Students use their career action plan to confirm their current self-knowledge. They need to use this knowledge to establish their post-school direction and at least one possible career choice. Students should be able to identify the skills and abilities they have acquired through activities and experiences in school and their community, including paid and unpaid work or volunteering. Year 11 students should be able to identify the transferability of their skills and abilities to future career choices.

Students at this year level apply their decision-making and problem-solving skills to their post-secondary education and training or employment aspirations. Through a review of their previous career action plan, students will critically reflect on the strategies they implemented to achieve their goals, examining reasons for successes and setbacks. Students apply this knowledge to revisit and fine tune their current career action plan for further study, training or work options. Students prepare a resumé to reflect their deeper understanding of their career learning.

In developing their career action plan students demonstrate that they are aware of a range of career resources, including those available online, and identify allies who may support them in achieving their goals. Through effective use of career development resources students exhibit skills that indicate the degree to which they can self-manage their career planning.

The career education activities and development of the career action plan can be incorporated into a range of components of senior certificate programs or other programs offered by individual schools or organisations.


Year 12 – I Apply
Year 12 students need to be able to critically examine their career goals and have sound knowledge of the requirements for their planned further education, training or employment choices. They need to be aware of alternative pathways to achieve their preferred future and prepare at least one optional career choice.

Students at this stage will need to tailor their career action plan to their needs. For those students choosing to progress to further education, their career action plan will focus on short-term goals that address selection requirements and processes. For those young people who intend to enter the workforce either for employment or training, including those deferring, the focus is on developing the skills and materials to seek employment including updating their resumé and preparing for job interviews.

In developing their career action plan, students will focus on the strategic steps to achieving their pathway plan with emphasis on the academic, financial and individual demands of their goals. The students should be able to identify and document experiences and activities that demonstrate their skills, abilities and attributes. Students should be capable of effectively using a range of career resources and be making effective use of their allies.

The career education activities and development of the career action plan can be incorporated into a range of components of senior certificate programs or other programs offered by individual schools and training providers.